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44 Funny Love and Marriage Quotes You’ll be wanting in Your Wedding message

44 Funny Love and Marriage Quotes You’ll be wanting in Your Wedding message

Fancy offering visitors a laugh through your wedding message? Insert one of these brilliant funny quotes about love and wedding to have an assured giggle.

Do not get us incorrect, we love a quote that is romantic love and wedding but often a lot of relationship will get only a little soppy. It is why we reckon it is usually an idea that is good toss some funny quotes to the mix. Incorporating humour to your message will assist you to hit that magic balance between sweet and emotional, funny and endearing – whether you’re area of the pleased few or perhaps you’re the man that is best!

While that will seem like an order that is tall we vow it really is nowhere near because difficult as you might think. To help make things easier, we have collected the finest quotes that are funny love and wedding for you yourself to consist of.

These quotes are brief, snappy and perfect for slotting into speeches and even vows.

In reality, we reckon there is also area for the quote that is funny two on dining table names or save yourself the times – it’s completely your decision!


1. “Marriage does not have any guarantees. If it’s exactly what you’re looking, get live with a motor automobile battery.” Emma Bombeck

2. “My spouse, Mary, and I also have already been hitched for forty-seven years, and perhaps perhaps not once have we’d a quarrel severe adequate to think about divorce proceedings. Murder, yes, but divorce or separation, never.” Jack Benny

3. “Marriage is just a relationship between someone who never ever recalls anniversaries and another who never forgets them.” Anonymous

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