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There are five restaurant that is different in Grand Theft car San Andreas.

There are five restaurant that is different in Grand Theft car San Andreas.

Restaurants in GTA San Andreas

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Three of them, all take out franchises, become available to the player all the time after and during the 3rd objective, Ryder. The 4th is a far more “upscale” option that becomes available after the mission Burning want, and is only accessible whenever on dates. This program exists for girlfriends having a more sophisticated palate. The fifth is Rusty Brown’s, starred in some mission cutscene. The restaurant is completed, featuring f d models, vendors and interiors. However, it had been cut through the game and will be enable with external mods.

Carl Johnson can consume 11 dishes within any 6-hour schedule. Digest 12, and CJ will vomit. This may cause him to reduce all the Fat he gained from those 12 meals. Each Restaurant provides four meals, at a percentage that is fat of 0, 1, 2, or 3.

Each time eating 11 “+3% fat” meals, and after the third visit they will have reached 99% fat if the player starts with no fat, they can go to a restaurant every 6 hours.

Exercising at a Gym or by running, swimming, or causes that are cycling to shed fat. The ball player can shed fat by also “dieting.” If 48 hours passes from CJ’s last meal, he’ll begin to lose 2.5% fat every hour (if CJ has no fat to shed, he can alternatively begin losing health!). If 74 hours passes since his last dinner, he can also start to lose 2.5% Muscle every hour.

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Well Stacked Pizza Co.

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In Red County, there are 3, one in Palomino Creek, one in Montgomery, and something in Blueberry. Sigue leyendo

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