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Akihabara in Tokyo is recognized because of its stores and culture of Japanese anime, manga, and games.

Akihabara in Tokyo is recognized because of its stores and culture of Japanese anime, manga, and games.

This informative article features five stores that visitors should truly check out for shopping and unique souvenirs, from Animate to Kotobukiya.

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Stop By Anime Paradise in Akihabara – Suggested Shopping

Akihabara in Tokyo is a very popular region for fans of Japanese anime, manga and games. Visitors will find countless anime- and goods that are manga-related every where, making for great buying souvenirs and products.

Keep reading to learn about the five places that are top go to in Akihabara to encounter this otaku culture. Each store is welcoming to all or any visitors no matter their familiarity with manga and anime.

1. Akihabara Gamers Main Shop: A Favorite Otaku Stop

The GAMERS store is the first shop to check out upon your arrival at just a 10-second walk from the Denkigai-guchi exit (“Electric Town Exit”) of Akihabara Station. It really is well-known in Japan and is a must-see.

GAMERS is great for finding anime that is seasonal comic books, computer games and other related goods. On the first flooring, it has an impressive stack associated with the anime magazines that are latest and comics. You will find seven floors as a whole, making it very easy to invest hours here browsing and shopping.

2. Toranoana: Browse Popular Dojinshi

Have you ever heard of dojinshi? Dojinshi may be the Japanese term for self-published manga, which are comic publications that are drawn and written frequently by amateurs. Sigue leyendo

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