The Hidden Truth on Chuck It Dog Toy Exposed

This interactive puzzle toy is not only engaging but also fun and rewarding. You can hide treats underneath the bones and then let your pup get to work trying to figure out where the yummy smell is coming from.

It’s made with durable construction and has a reputable company of origin. The toy comes in a few different sizes ranging from small to large. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect sized toy for your pup.

Safety Problems With Chuckit Dog Toys

Our hard-chomping Labrador broke three tennis balls throughout our testing. The Ultra Ball fared much better with just a few teeth marks to show. In our hunt to find the best, we tested and reviewed over 30 different dog tennis balls. Dog tennis balls have been specifically designed for dog use.

So, join us as we explore what makes tennis balls so dangerous to dogs and the dog-safe alternatives you should be using instead. This dog ball launcher will make throwing the ball to a long distance easier for your back and arms. Moreover, it allows you to pick the ball without using your hands. It works perfectly with standard-sized tennis chuck it dog toy balls, as well as many Chuckit balls. Even if you have never tried a ball launcher with your dog, you will probably recognize the appearance of this toy. Like all Chuck It dog balls, this one is made from highly durable rubber and will easily fit in with any dog’s chewing needs. Available in five sizes, the ball is made from durable rubber.

What The In-Crowd Will not Inform You Of Chuckit

However, for the peace of mind and greater safety that the BreatheRight provides, it offers good value for money. Lucy is a writer and blogger, who regularly provides posts for The Labrador Site. She has a BSc in Psychology and lives with her husband, daughter and numerous pets in Surrey. To decide the best toy for your Labrador, think about what he likes and dislikes and try to pick something that appeals to his nature. It is also chew resistant, so it shouldn’t get damaged if your Lab has a bit of a munch on the way back to you. Our last retrieving toy option for lively Labradors has to be a frisbee. This ball comes with a rope attached which lets you throw it further.

There are very few dogs that are completely immune to squeaker toys. Chewing on a toy ball will not really lead to a significant reduction in your dog’s weight; directing it to run several laps around your yard can, however. Do this several times and you’ll get your dog panting heavily.

You can throw the disc for your dog to jump and catch, or roll it along the ground for your dog to chase. Look for a frisbee or disc that has a smaller circumference and lighter weight, and made from a softer material that won’t damage your dog’s teeth when they catch it. The West Paw Zogoflex Zisc comes in a “mini” 6.5 inch size, is a made from soft material but flies like a hard frisbee, and is a great disc to get started with. Strato Ball has a hole in the center to cut down on weight and bounces higher than any other ball we tested.

  • There’s no denying the near-indestructibility of the canine products of KONG.
  • Another interesting aspect of its design is the raised bristles that clean out your dog’s teeth as it chews.
  • With that many pups, she’s gone through a lot of dog toys.
  • You are also likely putting your pup at risk because they might chew through it and consume some of the pieces that could cause harm.
  • Our dogs appeared to love this unexpected surprise because the ball would change directions mid-throw.
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